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EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program

Geothermal Regional Center (GRC) a USCIS approved Regional Center, offers investment opportunities pursuant to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) EB-5 Investor Visa Program for obtaining a Permanent Green Card status. GRC raises capital to fund the development of geothermal power plants in our designated region, the State of Nevada.


Geothermal Regional Center is an EB-5 Regional Center whose focus is on the highly acclaimed geothermal energy sector with all projects located in approved Targeted Employment Areas (TEA's) for purposes of job-creation in the geothermal energy industry in Nevada. GRC's strength is in it's ability to satisfy immigrant visa requirements without relying on the instability of direct construction jobs and focus on sustainable energy models.

US Investor Visa Program


Geothermal Regional Center LLC, is a Nevada limited liability company operating as an EB-5 Regional Center focused on the geothermal energy sector.Regional Center Approval Letter GRC specializes in structuring, promoting and administering immigrant investments linked to raise capital for the drilling and construction of geothermal power plants and other related technologies. Click Here to View Our USCIS Regional Center Approval Letter

Nevada EB5 Visa Center


Geothermal Regional Center’s current project will raise $15 million of EB-5 capital to fund the drilling and construction of a geothermal energy power plant , “San Emidio North.” San Emidio North is being developed in Washoe County, Nevada by the publicly traded company, U.S. Geothermal, Inc. The project is slated to develop permanent jobs persuant to satisfy EB-5 Visa requirements.

Nevada is at the epicenter of the geothermal energy revolution. That means good paying jobs for Nevada.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

What is Geothermal Energy?